Santhosh Rao
Santhosh Rao
Managing Director


United States

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Arguably the hottest asset class within digital infrastructure, Data centers continue to have some of the largest ticket sizes in the market. The US is also home to the most data centers with well over 2,000 active projects. 

  • What is the appetite within the US? Are the best opportunities for new builds outside of the country? 

  • What lenders are top in the sector? Is there any changing of the guard or new entrants? 

  • Is having a FANG offtaker still necessary for projects to be approved?

  • What opportunities are there for entrants in the public financing market?

Anubhav Raj
Chief Financial Officer, Aligned Data Centers
Todd Coleman
Founder, President and CEO, eStruxture
Jared Day
President and CFO, Compass Datacenters
Quynh Tran
Co-Head Infrastructure Finance, SMBC
Santhosh Rao
Managing Director, MUFG
Gregory Tan
Partner, Paul Hastings